Recording vocals? You're using headphones wrong

2021 Feb 12, 2021

If you’ve ever found it challenging to record vocals with headphones on, this week’s video is for you.

Pro vocal coach Chris Liepe has put together an in-depth tutorial on how to make recording vocals with headphones easy, effortless, and as natural as singing in the shower.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the video:

  • His favorite effects to sing into so that he’s got an idea of how his voice will sound in a completed mix
  • One effect that helps your voice stay present, front and center when you need it most when tracking vocals
  • A simple exercise you can use to tune in your vocal recording chain and get comfortable with your monitoring situation. Swipe this and your voice will be warm, primed up, and ready to be recorded every single time
  • Why you should sing into effects when tracking – even if you don’t like your vocals drenched in reverb and delay
  • The best type of headphone to use for vocal monitoring

Be sure to grab the bonus resource below!

►► Download “The Perfect Vocal Chain & Other Vocal Secrets”

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