The #1 Rule of Home Recording

2010 Feb 15, 2010

I am thrilled today to announce the release of my brand new eBook, The #1 Rule of Home Recording. This is an eBook featuring to-the-point advice on how to mentally approach recording, editing, and mixing in the home studio. This one simple “rule” will change the way you view home recording forever. I know it has for me!

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Instead of simply giving you techniques to follow, I want to revolutionize the way you tackle anything musical in the studio. This rule can and should be a guiding principle for the way you work on music.

Applying the #1 rule will help you:

  • Save money on gear
  • Get better takes in the studio
  • Edit and mix faster!

As with all the material I present here, this eBook lines up with my mentality of being productive in the studio. The #1 rule will help you sift through the hype and nonsense out there, allowing you to grow as both a musician and as an engineer. And ultimately, applying this rule will help you make better music, now!

There’s One More Thing…

And that’s not all. The best part about this eBook is that I’m giving it away FREE! That’s right, absolutely free. To get your copy of The #1 Rule of Home Recording right now, simply sign up for my newsletter at the top right of this site. You’ll get an instant download of the eBook, so you can read it and start applying the rule right away.

At I truly want you to succeed at making incredible music in your home studio. I personally feel this eBook will help you do that. So please, take 10 seconds and sign up for your free copy right now. Read it and let me know how it helps you in YOUR musical endeavours!

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