The Humbling Reason Why My Song Was Featured On The Tonight Show

2017 Dec 08, 2017

As a musician you dream of having your music played on the radio, on TV, or in movies.

At least that was my dream for most of my life. Growing up a singer and songwriter, I worked HARD at creating music that people enjoyed and my goal was to get signed as a rock act.

Turns out God had other plans for my talents and gifts (this is one of them) – and I’m OK with that.

But just two weeks ago, one of my songs was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

How in the world could I spent almost my whole life TRYING to get my music onto a big platform like national television with no such success, and then this summer I help write, record, and mix a single that a few months later gets picked up by NBC without me even lifting a finger?

The answer is humbling – but powerful for you and your music.

The Power Of Collaboration

First things first – my song being featured on The Tonight Show isn’t as big of a deal as it sounds.

They simply needed some “walkout” music for one of their guests, actor Bryan Cranston. The Roots (Jimmy’s live band) covered the song and played it for about 15 or 20 seconds while Bryan walked out on stage, waved to the audience, and sat down to chop it up with Jimmy Fallon.

You can watch it here. Skip to about 21 minutes into the broadcast.

They need music for moments like this all the time, so they’re happy to pay a few bucks and move on.

To me, however, this was awesome! I was telling all my friends and family and I was proud to have my music played by a killer band on a massive TV show.

But let’s slow down.

Full disclosure, I didn’t write this song by myself.

One of my good friends and talented music producer ill Factor came to me earlier this year with a song idea. He had already fleshed out a basic arrangement, the hook, and even a solid vocal melody and some lyric ideas.

Originally it was a song he was writing for a video game, but in the end they couldn’t use it so he decided to ask me to help him finish it for a single release.

I immediately LOVED the song as it seemed to blend that 90s grunge style of Weezer and Nirvana with ill Factor’s signature electronic sound with dirty synths and pulsing bass.

I helped finish the lyrics, played guitar, sang lead vocal, and mixed the single. The song is called Raise My Flag and you can stream it on Spotify or Apple Music right now.

And this is the humbling part, the reason my song got featured on Jimmy Fallon was because it really wasn’t my song.

It was ill Factor’s song.

If I hadn’t collaborated with him on this project, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

ill Factor is a Grammy nominated producer. He works with some of the biggest names in music. His own music has been featured in massive video games. And it was his publishing company that helped land the gig with NBC.

Honestly, I just rode his wave.

Double Your Opportunities And Creativity

Yes, I helped write the lyrics, yes I created the guitar parts, yes I sang the song, and yes it was my mix that was being shopped around to NBC.

But it wasn’t all me.

It was the combination of ill Factor and Graham that made this happen.

And this applies to you in a HUGE way if you let it.

By lowering your pride and finding someone who is more talented than you or at least talented in different ways and choosing to collaborate with him, you instantly double your creative output and your opportunities for success.

You combine YOUR sound, musical ideas, and talents with HER sound, musical ideas, and talents.

You combine YOUR network, connections, fans, and audience with HIS network, connection, fans and audience.

In an instant you are 2x more likely to create something awesome and have it make an impact in the world.

Simply by collaborating.

My man, ill Factor eating some Ramen Cables.

I Dare You To Collaborate

I usually do music all by myself, but it only took collaborating on one song – ONE SONG – for me to have my music played on The Tonight Show.

Why not you?

Why not find someone super talented to collaborate with? Why not offer your talents, gifts, and abilities to them in order to create a powerhouse of creativity?

I dare you to collaborate with someone on even just ONE song in the next 30 days.

What have you got to lose? Nothing but your time.

What have you to gain? The possibilities are limitless!

If you decide to take me up on this, leave a comment below telling me that you accept my collaboration dare!

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