The One Song One Month Challenge - Week 2 [Video]

2010 Jan 08, 2010

Welcome to Week 2 of the One Song One Month Challenge! Hopefully you joined us last week as we started 2010 with a bang of creativity and productivity! The goal of this challenge is to get you moving in your studio right away, eliminate excuses to making music, and to set a realistic deadline to complete something. If you can produce a song in one month, you can complete an album in a year! Nice!

As a reminder here is how we are breaking down the five Fridays in January:

  1. Starting Your Song – Creating a session, setting tempo, initial recording
  2. Rhythm – Using loops and drum machines to fill out the track
  3. Virtual Instruments – Using MIDI tracks to enhance your arrangement
  4. Editing – Comping vocals and overall cleanup
  5. Mixing – Basic mix and bounce for the web

This week we are going to build on that original riff you recorded by adding some drum loops and taking a peek at using virtual drummers. I hope you’ll enjoy this video and get motivated to keep working on your song!


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