The Secret Of Real Mastering (Subtlety And Simplicity)

2015 Jul 13, 2015

Oh my goodness do I have something awesome for you today.

Has the mastering process every confused you? Left you frustrated that you are either doing too much to your audio or too little?

You want your mix to have that final coat of “polish” but you don’t want to ruin your hard work either. I get it. I think this will help you.


Via James Cridland Flickr

I Finally Learned The Secret

I’ve done my fair share of bad masters over the years.

But a few years back I started following a website by a professional mastering engineer out of the UK named Ian Shepherd. I started reading his posts, watching his videos, and taking his advice.

You know what happened? My masters got a lot better – and with less work!

You see, the biggest lesson I learned from Ian was that subtle moves (and simple ones) are the real secret to effective mastering.

Your Crash Course On Mastering

If there’s one person you MUST learn mastering from it’s Ian. And that’s why I asked Ian if he might share some exclusive mastering training with my readers.

As the classy Brit that he is, Ian obliged and went above and beyond with a powerful new tutorial just for TRR readers and it’s chock full of amazing tips.

Also – Ian has an amazing course on mastering in the home studio that is invaluable. So if you like what you learn today, be sure to check that out. I can’t recommend Ian’s material enough.

So grab your headphones (or good studio monitors), pour some coffee, and sit down to watch this video. I know you’re gonna love it.

Special Bonus Just For You

Because Ian is a cool guy, he agreed to hook my readers up with something special.

If you join his Home Mastering Masterclass or purchase his ridiculously helpful Perception Plugin through my links here, he will send you the Dueling Masters bonus content he mentioned in the video absolutely free. Simply forward him your purchase receipt to him directly and he’ll hook you up!

You can’t get that bonus training anywhere else, so don’t pass this opportunity up!

And if haven’t already joined Dueling Mixes, you’re missing out. Come see what hundreds of other home studio owners just like you have discovered as an integral part of their ongoing mix training and growth!

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