Tyler Ward Records On His iPhone In An Airport

2013 Dec 23, 2013

At its core, a great recording is nothing more than a great performance of a great song captured in such a way that nothing distracts you from the song. What gear you use, what room you record in, or what software you use to mix it has nothing to do with it. Today’s post is just another shining example of this simple truth, and I hope it motivates you and encourages you at the same time. YouTube sensation Tyler Ward was stuck in an airport and decided to record a cover using nothing more than his built in iPhone mic and Logic. He then mixed it on $10 headphones on the plane.


What Can We Learn From This?

There are a few takeaways that are helpful for us to pull from this video. First off, Tyler can sing. If you have a great voice and you know how to perform (or your vocalist is solid) your recording will sound amazing. Vocals sell a song, every time.

Second, there are few “technical” issues with the recording. For one, he’s in a loud environment. You can hear all of the talking and random airport noise in the background. There’s nothing clean about it. But it works and doesn’t take away from the song.

Also there are few times where his breath overloads the microphone with a sudden blast. If he had a pop filter it could be avoided, but in the end no one cares. The track sound amazing.

Thirdly, it’s a simple recording. Obviously he didn’t have drums or any other instruments with him at the airport, but if for some crazy reason he did, recording it all on his iPhone (although totally possible) would have only taken away from the song.

A simple (and repetitive) acoustic guitar part and vocal was all that was needed to convey the emotion and intent of the song. It sounds great, his fans love it, and he had fun. What a concept!

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