WMC Podcast: Demos, Recording Your Band, and Mixing Approach (Part 1)

2010 Jul 09, 2010

Quick thank you to everyone who entered my 100th Post Celebration contest this week! We had people entering down to the wire at midnight last night! But only one person came out a winner…congrats to Steven Glover on winning a brand new V-Amp Pro Guitar Amp Modeling Processor from Behringer! Hope you enjoy my friend!

Last week I had the privilege of being interviewed by David and Kevin of Worship Ministry Catalyst for their weekly podcast. These guys run a great resource and website (www.worshipministrycatalyst.com) with the vision of connecting musicians and worship team members around the world for networking purposes.

Recently they’ve been talking a lot about the songwriting process on their podcast and last week they wanted me to discuss the demo and recording process. You can stream the interview right here in today’s post. Hope you enjoy!

WMC Podcast Interview with Graham Cochrane (Part 1)  Running Time|24:31

Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast – Interview with Graham Cochrane of www.therecordingrevolution.com

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