The One Song One Month Challenge: Week 4 [Video]

2010 Jan 22, 2010

We’re back and better than ever this week with part 4 of the One Song One Month Challenge. If you’re just joining us then welcome. We’re in the middle of writing and recording an original song in one month. Sound like fun? Then join us! Check out the videos below to catch up…

Here is how the weeks are broken up for our challenge:

  1. Starting Your Song – Creating a session, setting tempo, initial recording
  2. Rhythm – Using loops and drum machines to fill out the track
  3. Virtual Instruments – Using MIDI tracks to enhance your arrangement
  4. Editing – Comping vocals and overall cleanup
  5. Mixing – Basic mixing tips and techniques

Today I want to take a quick look at doing some basic edits to your tracks and cleaning your session up to get ready for mixing. Even in a simple session like the one I have, you’re going to want to do some edits and comping in order to get your tracks sounding perfect. Let’s take a look…


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