The Challenge Comes To An End

2010 Feb 01, 2010

Today marks the official end of our One Song One Month Challenge here at the Recording Revolution. It’s been a busy and productive month of January, one that I definitely will remember. If you’ve been following things the past 4 or 5 weeks then you know that I was putting out videos weekly to walk you through recording a whole song start to finish.

Via Sean MacEntee Flickr

If you’re new here or just want to do the challenge again on your own, I’ve put the links to all 5 weeks below so you can do your own challenge. I figured if you can finish a song in a month, then you can do a lot in one year. And that’s ultimately what I want for you guys is to be more productive in your home studio and to have fun. Let’s spend less time lusting after gear and more time creating killer recordings!

Week 1 – Creating your session, setting tempo, initial recording.

Week 2 – Using loops and drum machines to fill out the session.

Week 3 – Using virtual instruments to enhance your arrangement.

Week 4 – Comping vocals and overall cleanup.

Week 5 – Basic mixing tips and technique.

And just for fun, I’ve included my song for the challenge. You’ve heard bits and pieces during the videos, but here is what came of it all. I hope you enjoy and I also hope to hear from you about how your challenge went this past month!

A Song For Chloe

[audio:A Song For Chloe.mp3]


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